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The Future of UPA Publications
Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Common Ground, under the loving stewardship of Jo Ann Hackos,  has served the UPA well for the past nine years.  But Jo Ann's term of Editor is up and it is time for UPA to take a fresh look at our publications.  At its January meeting, the UPA Board of Directors empowered the UPA Publications and Communications Committee to create a new  UPA Journal.  

This new publication will replace Common Ground. The new journal has a working title of 'USER EXPERIENCE’ and will be a venue for the work of practitioners of usability and user-centered design.   In addition to the new journal, UPA will continue to publish The UPA Voice, an important newsletter to our membership.

The final issue of Common Ground, which will be edited by Russell Branaghan, will be a retrospective, highlighting important work and trends that occurred in the industry over the past nine years.  UPA will publish this final issue in the summer.

Russell will work with the Board members to help establish the new publication which will be launched early next year.  

We will keep you updated on our progress with this important journal. 

If you have any questions, or are interested in working with the Committee, please contact Elizabeth Rosenzweig at eliz@ziffgroup.com.