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The Ottawa Chapter
of the UPA
Steve Macko
On Monday March 27th, 2000 we became the first officially sanctioned Canadian UPA Chapter! 

Prior to that momentous event, we held 3 meetings: 

Our first meeting (16 attendees) was an information session to see if we could generate enough local interest to start a local chapter, and to see how many UPA members there were in Ottawa.

Our second meeting (18 attendees) was another informal planning session to discuss the benefits of joining the UPA for Canadians, the benefits of making our group an official UPA chapter, and membership fees.

Our third meeting (32 attendees) was a panel discussion with local usability managers/consultants on "What is Usability?"

Our fourth meeting, (1st officially sanctioned one) will be a prototyping demo from a local expert. So far, forming a UPA chapter has been an exciting and valuable experience for all concerned, and we highly recommend that other people start their own local chapters!


Sara Dolansky, Vice President
Steve Macko, President
Johanna Segerstrom, Officer
Kevin Grignon, Treasurer
Brenda Cavanagh, Secretary

Full details about our chapter and our activities can be found at our web site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Steve Macko (Steve.Macko@Cognos.Com).