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Professional Development

The Usability Poster
Julie Nowicki

The newly-formed UPA Professional Development Committee will assist members and those in usability-related professions in advancing their knowledge and skills in the field of usability. Our first project is development of a poster which will represent the basics of the field of usability. The current vision for the poster is to provide a starting point and roadmap for those new to the discipline as well as an attractive mechanism for promoting and teaching usability for experienced professionals.

pe01742_.wmf (5620 bytes)During May and June we'll be developing poster content with the goal of having the poster debut at the UPA conference this year!

We need two kinds of volunteers:

1. a few core people to help refine the goals of the committee and actively assist in developing poster content.

2. a larger group of members to review poster content draft and give input.

If you are interested in volunteering time to help others increase their usability knowledge, please contact Julie Nowicki, committee chair at JNowicki@optavia.com