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August & September 2000 Board Meetings

The UPA Board of Directors met in August, 2000 (before the UPA conference) and again in September. Among the items discussed were the following:  

Budget: (August) A review indicated that we would meet or beat budget objectives for 2000.

Elections: (August) The date for ballot return for the four open UPA Board positions  was set as November 1, 2000.

(September) The nominating committee selected five candidates to run for the four open UPA Board of Directors' positions: Nigel Bevan, Russ Branaghan, Åsa Granlund, Whitney Quesenbery, and Marie Tahir. It was also agreed that the nominating process should be clarified and then published. One thing that needed   clarification was that being nominated did not necessarily mean being on the ballot.

Management: (August) The board agreed to contract with Bostrom, UPA's current management company, for another year.

Sponsorship: (August): To streamline the conference sponsorship process, the Board suggested having one contact point for all sponsors. 

(September): Mary Beth Rettger announced the first sponsorship for 2001 was received from Sun ($8,000, Gold level.)

Mission and Vision Statements Revised: (August) The Board agreed that these statements needed to reflect the fact that UPA serves usability professionals as well as those who do usability-related work but may not identify themselves as usability professionals. The revised vision statement: "UPA serves people who care about making things more usable. Our members are those individuals who are doing usability full time or doing it as part of their job. We want to reach people who are advocates of usability."

The revised mission statement: "To promote services for members to be more effective in their jobs and for those who promote and advocate the development of usable products."

Publications: (August) The Board discussed the audience for the new journal and agreed that the audience included UPA members and usability professionals, as well as people in other fields, such as product managers, marketing managers, web designers and information architects. The Board agreed that the publication should be practitioner-focused.

At the August meeting the Board also decided to publish The Voice, the UPA online newsletter, for the remainder of the year, but to re-evaluate the decision at a later date. The Board agreed that The Voice needed more association content, such as a monthly report about Board decisions.

(September) Elizabeth Rosenzweig reported progress on the UPA book, which should reach members by the end of November, 2000; and that George Donahue had volunteered to be the new editor of The Voice. Elizabeth also reported that the Communications/Publications committee would establish an editorial committee for the new UPA magazine which would include Charlie Kreitzberg (executive editor); Russ Branaghan (managing editor); Elizabeth Rosenzweig (board liaison); and as yet unnamed column editors.

Poster: (September) Julie Nowicki reported that the UPA poster was scheduled to be printed and shipped in late October for delivery to UPA members in November.

Web Committee: (August) The Board approved a $100 member and a $150 non-member fee for Job Bank postings.

(September) Larry Wood reported the Board's decision to add a "Members Only" section to the UPA Web site. The first service to be made available in the "Members Only" section is a membership directory. Members will be notified when this feature is available.

Outreach Committee: (August) The Board discussed  the outreach project's mission—to reach the people who can influence advocates—and determined it was still appropriate. It was discussed that a "Fellows" program could be created to identify distinguished usability professionals and/or to recognize years of UPA membership. 

Membership Committee: (August) The Board agreed that the membership committee should reconsider the dues structure, update the new member kit, and consider offering two-year memberships. The concept of Charter Memberships for UPA’s founding members was also discussed.

Chapters: (September) Martin Rantzer reported that chapter page content was forwarded to Diane Wilson for posting on the UPA Web site. The chapter page includes links to current chapters as well as to how-to information on chapter formation. Chapters in formation in Boston and Dallas may apply for charter before year-end.

Conference Committee: (August) The Board discussed holding the annual conferences in facilities that offered enough hotel rooms for all attendees as well as room for all conference events. The Board agreed that having all attendees and events in the same facility, and alternating the conference locale from from east to west of the Mississippi each year, were important.

(September): Laurie Kantner reported that the 2001 logo has been designed, and calls for participation were to be mailed and made available online in October, 2000. The decision was also made to approve the contract for the 2002 conference with the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, FL, for July 6-14, 2002.

Program: (August) The Board determined that future discussions could include Conference Committee members, and that these topics could be appropriate in such discussions:

  • Key volunteer positions (chair, co-chairs) 
  • Tutorials, invited speaker, and workshop policies
  • How to encourage veteran usability professionals to keep attending UPA conferences
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