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April 2006 Contents

Projects and Events

Reasons to Attend UPA 2006 Conference
The UPA conference is a chance to spend a few days with people "just like you" - interested in usability, design, and how we use our skills to create better products, processes, and services. The setting is collegial with opportunities to network, debate, and just hang out during breakfasts, lunches, and dinner on Thursday night.

By DeeDee DeMulling and Carol Smith

Usability Body of Knowledge (BoK) Survey
The UPA is working on an ambitious project to define a Body of Knowledge (BoK), a living reference that represents the collective knowledge of the usability profession and provides an authoritative source of reference and definition of the scope of the profession.

By Nigel Bevan and the BoK Editorial Board

Getting the Word Out About UPA
The UPA Board of Directors is undertaking some new activities this year. We’re working to increase awareness of UPA, and focusing on making UPA more effective and efficient as an organization of volunteers. We’re organizing a team that will work to increase awareness of UPA and support the communication and promotion of our activities.

By Lyle Kantrovich

World Usability Day at SafeCo Insurance Company
At Safeco Insurance Company the User Centered Design Team created a variety of activities and events to raise corporate awareness around usability and user centered design. The culture here is not fully aware of the benefits these practices bring and World Usability day last November afforded our team the opportunity to create some buzz.

By Jason Valalik

Usable Regulations: Legislation Pending in U.S. Congress
On March 1, 2006, witnesses testified before the House Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs. Their testimony supported what plain language and usability experts have long known: Clear, concise, easy to understand regulations will save the government (and taxpayers) time and money.

By Thom Haller


Thumbnail: Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen’s name is practically synonymous with usability. He is, in many ways, the voice of usability to the outside world, and has appeared in BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and The Guardian, as well as on CNN, NPR, and the BBC. Media outlets such as these have called him the “guru,” “king,” “czar,” and even “pope” of usability.

By Cliff Anderson

Meet the New Member Services Manager: Ed Grochowski
Ed’s official title is Member Services Manager. He is very involved in the day–to-day activities of the UPA, and has worked with the organization for over a month now.

By Ed Grochowski

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