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World Usability Day 2006: Open Positions

By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth is a Principal at Bubble Mountain Consulting where she works with companies and organization on user-centered design solutions to research and development of technology projects. She is the Director of World Usability Day.

The UPA enjoyed wonderful success with the first annual World Usability November 3, 2005. The day lasted for 36 hours, with 115 events in 35 countries, on 6 continents all around the world.

The plans are starting for World Usability Day 2006; we have a date- Nov. 14, 2006
The goal is to build on the success of World Usability Day 2005, and to create an even bigger impact for 2006. We have developed our mission, vision, and strategies, and are looking for volunteers to help make the day a success.

World Usability Day Mission
To build on the brand equity World Usability Day 2005 created for the Usability Professionals’ Association.

World Usability Day Vision
To create a self-sustaining system powered by worldwide volunteers – an “Earth Day” for usability.

Key Strategies

  1. Develop a leadership team with well-defined roles and responsibilities.
  2. Develop well-defined benefits and boundaries of sponsor relationships.
  3. Develop a strongly integrated marketing program that builds the brand.
  4. Develop a procedure for local chapter event development that inspires participation, provides strong incentives for early planning, and supports locals efficiently.
  5. Build on the strengths of the websites, and enhance their usability.
  6. Develop an appropriately visible position and organization for the accessibility segment.

We are forming the World Usability Day Core Committee to run the 2006 events. The committee will be composed of leaders of various subcommittees, such as Website, Webcast, Marketing, Regional Coordinators and Sponsorship. Every committee Chair will be supported by their committee that will be made up of volunteers and support staff.

We are looking to fill the following volunteer positions to support the strategies listed above. Brief descriptions of the roles for the Committee Chairs and their supporting teams are below.

Open Positions
The following people report to the Director of World Usability Day, Elizabeth Rosenzweig.

Chair, Sponsor Support, Paul Sherman: With the support of paid staff (Sponsor Development Manager) and recruited volunteers, develop well-defined benefits and boundaries of sponsor relationships, including relationships with sister organizations, and the identification of key “segment” sponsorship opportunities. We have OPENINGS for team members to support communication with sponsors. Will work with marketing team.

OPEN POSITION: Chair, Marketing Management: With the support of paid or volunteer staff (Media Relations Strategist), develop a volunteer team that delivers a marketing program that 1) leverages relationships with organizations such as HFES, SIGCHI, UXnet, AIGA, STC, and others; 2) maximizes the impact of media coverage at local, national, and international levels, and 3) amplifies the efforts of the website usability team. We have OPENINGS for Marketing Support positions.

OPEN POSITION: Chair, Regional Coordinators: With support from UPA’s management office in the form of coordination with chapters, mailings and such, as well a recruited team of regional volunteers, answer the day-to-day questions of local event planners, and develop infrastructure devices such as local event planning templates. We have OPENINGS for Regional Liaisons.

OPEN POSITION: Chair, World Usability Day Website: Coordinate the work of a paid technical lead (Website Technical Lead), and a recruited team of volunteer editors, site administrators, and others. This is a highly technical position that also requires the ability to build and create strong relationships with sister organizations, sponsors, and others. We have OPENINGS for Website Content editors.

Chairman, Accessibility Webcast: Jim Tobias - With sponsorship development that is likely, paid staff will support the day-of operator costs, and recruited volunteers will develop relationships and coordinate details with presenters and content providers. We have an OPENING for a Webcast Coordinator.

We hope you can join our exciting World Usability Day team. If you are interested in any of the positions described above, please contact Elizabeth Rosenzweig directly at

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