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October 2006 Contents

Webcasting at World Usability Day
Webcasting is a great way to participate in World Usability Day 2006. This year we're supporting platforms that are easy to use and powerful: document presenting and sharing, guided web tours, voice broadcasting, and interactive text. We're working with the platform companies on the content of World Usability Day (WUD) and how their technologies work.

By Jim Tobias

Remote Usability: Insight into New Tools
On a hot Friday evening in August, Philadelphia’s CHI chapter turned up to learn about two new remote research tools available to UX professionals: Ethnio and MindCanvas. Nate Bolt, president and CEO of Bolt|Peters (Ethnio), and Rashmi Sinha, founding principal of Uzanto (MindCanvas), were both on hand after presenting at AdaptivePath’s UX Week in D.C. a few days before.

By Mike Madaio

Thumbnail: Tema Frank
Tema Frank’s approach to usability is as unusual as her name. (“It rhymes with Emma,” she notes. “It was my grandmother’s name.”) That distinctive approach is also reflected in the name of her company, Web Mystery Shoppers.

By Clifford Anderson

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