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Webcasting at World Usability Day

By Jim Tobias
Inclusive Technologies

Webcasting is a great way to participate in World Usability Day 2006. This year we're supporting platforms that are easy to use and powerful: document presenting and sharing, guided web tours, voice broadcasting, and interactive text. We're working with the platform companies on the content of World Usability Day (WUD) and how their technologies work.

Webcasting technology is rapidly reaching technological maturity -- most major ICT companies now offer webcasting tools or services, and many companies, universities, and even grassroots groups are using webcasting to extend their reach and build their communities of interest.

But as usability experts and advocates we know that technological capability is not everything. Too many webcast tools lack important usability features, and too many webcasts fail because of it. Is the tool compatible with my operating system, browser, and user settings? Is installation painless and effective? Can I register for the event without a headache? Is the platform or event accessible? There are dozens of good and not-so-good examples out there -- the webcasting world needs our help and advocacy to develop a user-centered perspective.

So please consider participating in WUD via the web -- produce a session, or attend one. Then give some feedback to the WUD team on how it went, for both the content and the platform. We will collect your input and pass it on, building UPA and WUD with an important group of new stakeholders.


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