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February 2007 Contents

Old Dogs, New Tricks
Now well into the twenty-first century, usability professionals and user experience designers might well expect that the value of their work would be well-embedded into the process of software development. Not from my perspective.

By Fred Sampson

UPA 2007: Letter to Your Supervisor
Early Registration opens for the UPA 2007 Conference on February 26, 2007. Find out more and register at: http://upa2007.org/. To facilitate your timely registration, and so you don’t have to miss out on our great program, below is a sample letter that you might give to your supervisor to request approval to attend the Conference.

By Carol J. Smith

Thumbnail: Mike Paciello
If you’re familiar only with usability, you may never have heard of Mike Paciello. If you’ve been exposed to accessibility, though, Mike’s name is almost impossible to avoid. Mike has been doing accessibility work for almost 25 years, helped craft the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) and Section 508, wrote the first book on accessibility, and is president of the world’s biggest accessibility consulting company.

By Cliff Anderson

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