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Ergonomics in Design Welcomes Submissions

Lois Smith

Lois Smith is the Communications Director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Ergonomics in Design (EID) focuses on how human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) and usability research and methods are applied in the design, development, prototyping, test and evaluation, training, and manufacturing processes of products, systems, tools, and environments to improve their safety and usability.

EID welcomes up-to-date demonstrations of the importance of HF/E principles in design and implementation, in the form of features articles, case studies, anecdotes, debates, and interviews. Guidelines for authors may be found at http://www.hfes.org/Publications/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductId=36. EID is part of the HFES Digital Library, available at http://hfes.publisher.ingentaconnect.com/content/hfes.

Submissions of up to 3,000 words may be sent via e-mail to HFES Managing Editor Scott MacDonald (scott@hfes.org). All submissions undergo peer review; the average time to first decision is eight weeks.


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