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UPA Europe - User Experience 2009 Conference

Judy Blostein

Judy Blostein is a User Experience Analyst at PointRight, Inc. in Lexington, MA USA and Editor of the UPA Voice.

The UPA Europe - User Experience 2009 Conference takes place in Moscow, Russia from October 26 - 27, 2009. This conference is the biggest of its kind in Russia, addressing a comprehensive range of issues concerning the fast growing usability industry in Russia and the world.

UPA Europe is a unique place for communication between people who promote the initiatives, technologies, products, and services that improve the quality of life of people in Russia, Europe and worldwide.

The IT-Online Group in Moscow, Russia is the major sponsor and coordinator of User Experience 2009. To learn more about the current issues in the international usability community before the event, Dmitry Volkov, the Director General of the IT-Online Group, talked with some well-known usability experts. Mr. Volkov's interviews and conference details for UPA Europe - User Experience 2009 can be found at http://userexperience.ru/en/.

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