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August 2010 Contents

Beyond Conferences: the Heart of UPA’s Secret Power

I'm standing on the edges of the UPA International annual conference exhibit hall in Munich watching nearly seven hundred UX professionals, researchers, designers, developers, students, presenters, and sales personnel gently jostle their way to the exhibit booths, snag coffee cups from central tables, and encounter each other. Hellos are exuberant and handshakes are exchanged. Europeans air-kiss Americans who blush awkwardly. In nearly every case when two people shake hands, their other hand touches their colleague's shoulder, arm, or grasps a wrist warmly. Conversations seem magnetic: Two people will stop, talk for a moment, then one of the two will spot someone passing by and invite them to join the discussion. Within minutes a couple becomes a trio, a quartet, a quintet, until the room is nearly impassable with energetic conversations. Happy voices grow louder and the room is almost unbearably full of sound.

By Chris Hass

UPA Conference Experience Design - Something excellent happened in May

The UPA 2010 International Conference in Munich was a blast. Yes, it was the first conference outside North America for the UPA. But this in itself didn't promise the good vibes it was able to generate. The conference experience design the UPA applied in Munich was just phenomenal. I received and still do receive today so many congratulations from around the world on the huge success of the conference. Various attendees I spoke with in Munich told me "You know what? Something is different this year!" I'm an experience designer in my daily job, and I did understand what they meant and why they said it. I'm happy and convinced that we will be able to bring many of the positive vibes to our UPA region North America next year when we do host our international conference in Atlanta in June 2011.

By Silvia Zimmermann

Ninth Boston Mini-UPA Annual Conference

It honestly wasn't an attempt to wear anyone out.

But if you asked the attendees around 3 p.m. on June 9th, 2010 if the ninth UPA Boston annual conference was an attempt to exhaust them, you might have found some who were willing to believe it. After all, a gathering that offers thirty-two presentations in a single day runs the risk of providing too much information and by mid-afternoon, the crowd was enthused but ready for some sugary snacks.

By Chris Hass

World Usability Day 2010 Honorary Chairman, John Hockenberry

When Communication was announced as the theme for World Usability Day 2010, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Founder, knew John Hockenberry would be the perfect choice as Honorary Chairman. This year's events and forums will focus on how products and services impact communications. Programs will examine all products and services used in the communication process including: cellular phones, mobile devices, social media, email, video, and perhaps other exciting technologies that may not have hit the mainstream!

By Amy K. Ballard

UX Leadership

Growing up we all had different people we admired including but not limited to our parents, teachers, friends, sporting heroes, business leaders, writers, actors and mentors. People who inspired us, opened our thinking or got us to look at the world differently.

By Daniel Szuc

President's Corner

UPA 2.0 - A New Horizon Part IV

After our last year's strategic re-alignment of our vision, mission, goals and objectives the UPA board was approving the "ONE membership" approach in January 2010, one of our 2009 key strategic initiatives. Historically, the UPA has failed to unite their membership under one common UPA umbrella.There are many members of various local chapters who pay dues and fees, if applicable, to the local chapter, but they are not members of the UPA. As a result, they cannot take advantage of the benefits of being an affiliated member of the UPA, which include access to online sources, publications, and discount programs. By approving the "ONE membership" approach, the UPA leadership confirmed their vision towards the unified UPA membership. The UPA is now defining all necessary operational steps to put this motion into action.

By Silvia Zimmermann

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