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UPA 2.0 - A New Horizon Part IV

Silvia Zimmermann

Silvia Zimmermann is the UPA President.

UPA May 2010 Board Motions

I'm very proud to announce that the UPA-I Board of Directors in May 2010 has approved all pending motions regarding the UPA strategic re-alignment towards UPA 2.0:

  • UPA One Membership Model
  • UPA Operational Model
  • UPA Regional Model
  • UPA Asia – Pilot
  • UPA Budgeting Process

By moving ahead with the above motions, the UPA will be a sound and attractive partner with a good standing in the UX arena in the years to come. Especially the ONE Membership Model and the Regional Model will empower our international membership to build strong regional hubs in the various UPA regions.

UPA One Membership Model

The UPA ONE Membership Model suggests three different types of UPA membership in the future:

  • Full International Membership
  • Community Membership
  • Student Membership

Local chapter members in the future will have to be a Full International/Community or Student member before they can become a Local UPA Chapter member. Overall, the ONE Membership Model approach will allow us to better achieve our strategic goals:

  • Become the authoritative source on the practice of usability, UCD, and user experience
  • Promote the business value of user experience, research, design and evaluation to business and other entities
  • Facilitate professional development and education within the entire UX field
  • Foster a community of user experience professionals by knowledge sharing and networking
  • Enhance and promote member value

Without a doubt, there is a lot of operational work ahead of us "to bring the family back together." But with the motion approved the UPA has established the strategic framework to allow migrating local chapter members beginning of 2011.

UPA Operational Model

During May 2010 the UPA board also approved the UPA Operational Model. In the past the UPA did not have an operational model in place. Up until 2009 UPA projects were not mapped against the UPA strategic vision and mission and every volunteer coming up with a great idea could actually start a project at any time. Budget items consequently were not aligned with the overall list of strategic projects. This led to some unpleasant situations for all parties involved. With the new Operational Model each UPA project will have a dedicated Project Manager and a project sheet. Project sheets will be tracked on a monthly basis against the baseline project plan, budget, and deliverables. The UPA-I Board of Directors has established a sound framework that allows the UPA and its membership to confirm key strategic projects on a yearly basis and get awareness of what we as a community are delivering against in the larger UX framework. As a volunteer organization we have the obligation to carefully protect our resources. The UPA Operational Model will allow us to achieve that is the most cost-effective way.

UPA Regional Model / UPA Asia Pilot

Along with the internationalization strategy that our membership has requested for so many years, the UPA-I Board also approved the UPA Regional model, a scalable model that will support the UPA building strong regional UPA hubs in the different regions (UPA Asia, UPA Europe, UPA North America, UPA Latin America, and UPA MEAO). The model will now be rolled out in the region Asia, where the UPA will pilot together with UPA Asia all ideas and concepts approved to date. One of the concepts of the Regional Model is that Regional Coordinators in the future will step up to the UPA-International Board of Directors as Regional Heads. Congratulations to Jason Huang, President UPA China – who has been elected to the UPA-I Board of Directors as Regional Head UPA Asia (in line with our UPA bylaws Art. 6.4). Together we can achieve a strong presence in the Asia, starting with a first UPA Asia summit in China later this year.

UPA Budgeting Process

Budgeting for non-for-profit organizations is a challenging process, especially under current economic conditions. As good stewards of our resources, the UPA-I Board of Directors wants to keep the operational cost down to a minimum and budget in the future more along the strategic projects. The new budgeting process will be in line with the UPA Operational Model. This allows us to manage our financials in the most effective way.

I'm personally pleased that we were able to re-align UPA so quickly. Having our operations under control will allow us more time to focus on the key benefits and values for our membership.

Best regards, Silvia Zimmermann
President UPA International

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