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Channeling Your Inner Compass: How to leverage your strengths as you grow your career

Inspiration is everywhere for a usability professional.

Never in our collective history have so many resources been available for learning, understanding, and applying usability concepts and practices. Here are just a few to choose from.

By Robert Skrobe

Munich 2010 Conference Drawing Numbers and Diversity

Munich 2010, May 24-28, is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic conferences in UPA history. Early registration response puts it on track with the largest UPA-International conferences ever; and the theme, "Embracing Cultural Diversity - User Experience Design for the World," well reflects the most global team and participant lists ever assembled.

By Laura Faulkner, PhD.

UPA Adopts New Commercial Content Policy

The UPA adopted a new policy covering how it treats commercial content in all channels. Historically UPA has lacked a well-defined policy on what content is permissible for inclusion in publications, presentation at conferences, or endorsement with the UPA brand and identity. In absence of such a policy, issues arose at times when guidelines were not consistently applied.

By Rich Gunther

Istanbul and Usability

Istanbul, a great city with its 12 million residents and a hub of millions of business professionals and tourists, may need usability and its reflections on its every corner more than any other city in the world.

By Koray Yitmen

Regional Coordinator Spotlight

I would like first of all to thank you all for being interested in the professional growth of our community in Europe. I will be the very first elected Regional Coordinator in Europe and would like to start talking with you about possible initiatives that may improve our capability to discuss the themes that are more of interest for the European reality.

By Michele Visciola

Regional Coordinator Elections and a New Chapter

The UPA held elections for Regional Coordinators a few weeks ago. For the first time both UPA local chapter members and UPA-I (UPA International) members were invited to vote for their Region's Coordinator. This was to ensure that the elected representatives were chosen by their local community. Congratulations to the UPA's newly elected Regional Coordinators.

By Carol Smith

World Usability Day 2010

World Usability Day 2010 – start planning now! This year’s theme is Communications.  As you may know, human error is a misnomer, and technology today is increasingly challenging and difficult to use. A cell phone should be as easy to use as the old-fashioned rotary telephone or opening a soda can.

By Amy Ballard

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