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World Usability Day 2010

Amy Ballard

World Usability Day 2010 – start planning now! This year’s theme is Communication.  As you may know, human error is a misnomer, and technology today is increasingly challenging and difficult to use. A cell phone should be as easy to use as the old-fashioned rotary telephone or opening a soda can.

As we communicate, technology should add to our experiences and make them easier and more enjoyable. Technology should not add to our stress or cause danger through poor design or poor quality. Why would someone want to use a tool that makes life difficult or is not easy to understand? Communication is a part of our daily lives. This year’s World Usability Day theme, Communications, will address how we use it, when we use it, and what devices we use in the ever-growing world of communications.

Remember that people need to connect with each other. We have more means than ever to communicate: phones, Internet, messaging, the printed medium, and the increasingly popular social media. Technology that facilitates communication between people must be intuitive to use. It should have instructions that are easy to understand, and knobs, dials and buttons that do not require constant tuning.

Help us reach out to the world through World Usability Day’s 6th Anniversary, November 11, 2010. We hope you will join us and plan another successful day of events from around the globe!

Contact information:

Elizabeth Rosenzweig – Founder/Director, eliz@worldusabilityday.org, +1-617-244-6905

Amy K. Ballard – Project Manager, wud@usabilityprofessionals.org, +1-608-291-2388

Nicole A. Tafoya - Sponsorship, sponsors2010@usabilityprofessionals.org, +1-630-980-4997



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