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Going on now: the 2011 UPA Salary Survey

Rich Gunther

Rich Gunther serves as UPA's Secretary and Director of Members and Volunteers and has been in the usability field since 1998. He is a Principal Interaction Designer on Oracle's Application Development Tools team and a co-owner of Ovo Studios.

We have just completed the fifth installment of UPA's semi-annual Salary Survey and we're happy to report that we had 1345 respondents! The UPA rolls out the survey every two years to help our members to identify trends in hiring, practice, tool usage, and methodology. While salary is of course the primary item of interest, we also ask a number of demographic questions such as age, education level, and geography. This helps members find information that is specific to their particular situation. We also ask a number of questions about what UX methods respondents are using, what the size and structure of their UX organization is, and other questions that we can track longitudinally to see how UX is changing and evolving year over year.

We call upon the UPA membership to help us collate, analyze, and reporting on the survey data. Ken Becker, Jeff Sauro, and Karl Steiner have all been involved in the survey in past years and continue their contributions this year. Ronnie Battista, UPA's Director of Certification joins the team as the co-chair of the survey, and will assume chair duties moving forward. Through diligent execution of descriptive statistical analysis, the team provides a lens into the data in a multi-faceted report that is one of the highlights of UPA membership.

The survey was announced to the UPA membership and through all of our social networking channels throughout the month of April. We hope to have preliminary results available by UPA 2011 in Atlanta. Thank you for your participation!


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