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UPA International Awards 2011

Silvia Zimmermann

Silvia Zimmermann is the UPA International President.

On behalf of the UPA International, I'm proud to introduce the UPA award winners for 2011. They are:

The UPA Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Thomas S. Tullis, PhD for his leadership in the usability field for over 30 years; his commitment to education in the UX field; his research and publications, especially around UX metrics and his quantitative approaches; and his ambassadorship of the field.

The UPA Service Award was awarded to Chris Koster for his energy and professionalism in his work as Assistant Editor, Associate Managing Editor, and Managing Editor of the UPA Usability Experience Magazine from 2005 to today.

The UPA Service Award was awarded to Avi Parush for his contributions to both the UPA and the profession, through his work as the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Usability Studies (JUS).

The UPA Service Award was awarded to Toshikazu Shinohara for his important contribution of making the Japan UPA Chapter real as well as his continuous support to and participation in UPA Asia from 2009 to 2010.

The UPA Service Award was awarded to Toyohiro Kanayama for his tireless work in organizing UX professionals to create the Japan UPA Chapter and for his leadership in establishing strong worldwide relationships.

The UPA President's Award 2011 was awarded to Trent Mankelow for his important contributions and commitment to UPA as a Board Member from 2008-2010.

The UPA Chapter Award was awarded to the German UPA Chapter for its continuous growth and activities, including the development of the first UPA certification program, the organization of WUD events in Germany, and hosting the 2010 UPA International Conference in Munich.

The UPA Chapter Award was awarded to the Japan UPA Chapter for bringing the Japanese UX community to the UPA International family and for holding excellent local activities including WUD 2010 in Tokyo.

20 Years of UPA

The UPA has an amazing history. Founded back in 1991 by a few inspiring and highly visionary people, the UPA has shown an astonishing growth over the last 20 years: from 35 to over 10,400 local and international members worldwide. That's a growth of over 297% in total, or almost 15% per year. At the time of writing, the UPA is presently in five world regions, representing over 40 countries worldwide:

  • UPA Asia
  • UPA Europe
  • UPA North America
  • UPA South America

With over 3,300 UPA related conference attendees around the world, the UPA over time has also been able to achieve one of its goals, namely to foster a community of user experience professionals through knowledge sharing and networking.

  • UPA International Conference
  • User Friendly China
  • UXeperience Russia/UPA Europe
  • Testistanbul/UPA Istanbul
  • MC Germany/German UPA
  • UPA Boston
  • Plus many, many more UX conferences with UPA International involvement

In my mind, one of the reasons that the UPA is so successful is the UPA DNA. All UPA members I know are friendly and inclusive. They all foster a culture of community thinking, while at the same time they allow for individual creativity and growth. I believe this combination allows the UPA to be most inclusive network of usability and UX practitioners worldwide, which is one of the key factors for successful growth. The UPA is all about its membership and its volunteers who help to make the UPA an association we can all be proud of. Happy anniversary UPA!

Thank you UPA 2011 Conference Team

Speaking of volunteer efforts: I'm very proud to inform you that the UPA 2011 conference was a huge success! Not only were we able to produce a net income in these difficult economic times, we also continued to make terrific progress concerning the conference program and design. Due to the conference venue in Atlanta the overall conference design experience was a little different from Munich last year. However, the strategic changes the UPA wanted to make to its conference model also came fully into play this year.

This would not have been possible without the countless hours of volunteer work put into the conference. I would therefore like to take the time to thank all UPA Conference Committee members, Laura Faulkner and Amy Kidd for enabling it to be a huge success!

Developing a strategy for a more efficient and more compelling conference model is one thing; seeing it coming into play is a completely different one. Doing it in a volunteer based organisation is yet something else. It is thus my desire to thank one person in particular: Laura Faulker, PhD.

Laura was conference chair and co-chair in 2009, 2010 and 2011. During these three years, Laura as a member of the international leadership team helped implement many of the strategic ideas the UPA International board had envisioned. She carefully tested our strategic ideas, developed new ones and implemented all of them where appropriate. By doing that she helped the organization to strategically move ahead and generate more changes to the conference model where needed.

Laura sacrificed a lot of her personal and family time for the UPA over the last three years. Not only did she do an excellent job with the strategic repositioning of the conference, she also guided the UPA International leadership team and helped the association to make the right decisions.

Thank you Laura! The UPA is blessed to have someone like you!

Best regards,
Silvia Zimmermann
President UPA International

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