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UPA Winter Board Meeting,
January 12-13, 2001

One of the major activities of the winter board meeting is to set the budget for the year based on the activities, goals, and initiatives the Association wants to accomplish. Following is a summary of the activities for 2001.

If you are interested in more information on any of these or want to participate, we'd love to have you join us - feel free to contact any of us. Each of the committees will have working groups that will continue activities throughout the year.

Membership Last year, we surveyed our membership and obtained salary information. The first item of business for this year is to summarize those results and get them back to the membership and next, determine what actions UPA needs to take to better address members' needs.

Publications Russ Branaghan is managing editor of our soon-to-be-launched magazine. The magazine will go into production shortly for publication in the second quarter; all members will be getting a copy as part of their membership. Our goal this year is to publish two issues.

Professional Development Many ideas were discussed during the meeting, and will be readdressed based on survey results. The ideas include establishing a mentor program, having a winter session in addition to the annual conference, and advanced topics discussions.

Chapters and SIGs Last year, we launched several chapters. This year, we're hoping to bring many more chapters on board. Another goal is to establish a virtual European office for UPA to better serve our members outside the US.

Outreach Of primary discussion was the interest in establishing a policy for relationships with other organizations. Several of our board members will be working on this issue in the coming months, having already had some informal discussions with other groups.

Website This group is hard at work at redesigning the website and launching a members-only section.

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