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UPA 2001 Conference Information

The rates for this year's conference are the same as last year's rates. Early conference registration is $625, tutorial registration is $525, and workshop registration $100. More details will be available in the Advance Program.

We've heard that some are concerned that Las Vegas in June may be uncomfortable. Here's some Las Vegas weather information:

Elevation: 2162 feet/659 meters above sea-level

Average June temperature: 84 degrees F/29 degrees C
Average June high temperature: 99 degrees F/37 degrees C
Average June low temperature: 69 degrees F/20 degrees C

Average relative humidity in June is 10-20%.

The conference site is fully air-conditioned. The resort features two spacious swimming pools, shaded terraces, tent-line cabanas and a water slide, as well as sandy beaches along the lake. For more information see http://www.lakelasvegas.hyatt.com/

We received many high-quality submissions. If you submitted a tutorial, workshop, presentation, or panel proposal, you will hear if it's been accepted by March 1.

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