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Alan Cooper

Cooper to Keynote
at UPA 2001

The UPA 2001 conference keynote speaker will be interaction-design dynamo Alan Cooper, author of "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum," (1999) and "About Face" (1995), both classics of the user-interface design literature.

If you attended the UPA 1999 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, you'll remember Cooper's inspiring and sometimes controversial presentation. UPA is pleased that Cooper will return to the UPA conference and stir our thinking.

Cooper, known as "the father of Visual Basic," writes from the perspective of a software programmer turned customer-centered product designer. Cooper's passion for humanizing technology has earned him numerous accolades and industry awards, including a Software Visionary Award in 1998.

Cooper is in demand as a speaker on customer-centered issues and is also active in several professional groups, including the Corporate Design Foundation, the Industrial Design Society of America, and the American Center for Design. He is one of the "Nantucket 41," an interaction design splinter-group of the American Institute for Graphic Arts. He is also a director of the Software Development Forum.

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