President's Message


Message from the President

I am still energized by this year's conference. The topics covered, the new projects and ideas that came out of the volunteer lunch, and of course, the fun social events, left me with a feeling of satisfaction and community.

The positive thing about our community is that we can support each other in our efforts to bring our message and our work to the forefront of today's technological revolution. A piece of technology is only as good as the use that it can be put to. If users can't find a function or get their work or play done, the technology is not working as it should. It is our jobs, as usability professionals, to ensure that users can make use of the new technologies. The conference showed the dedication and creativity we bring to our jobs each day to improve current and emerging technologies.

For those of you who couldn't attend, we have many things to look forward to as UPA members. The first issue of the magazine User Experience will be coming your way, as well as new issues of this online newsletter The Voice. Local chapters have been gaining momentum and I look forward to visiting with European local chapters this fall. Planning is already beginning for the 2002 UPA Conference.

As always, I am interested in hearing your ideas and news. Feel free to contact me at


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