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Local Chapters and SIGs


Local Chapters and SIGs

By Åsa Granlund, the Local Chapter and SIG Chair Asa.Granlund@era.ericsson.se

We are happy to welcome the latest addition to our local chapters: the Delaware Valley chapter! UPA now has a total of 12 chapters, and we hope to charter more soon.

Canada Montreal Louis Beauregard louisb@convivo.ca
Canada Toronto Yves Rannou yves@userfriendly365.com
Italy Italy Michele Visciola mvisciola@etnoteam.it
Sweden Linköping Aseel Ibrahim aseel.ibrahim@nokia.com
UK UK Marty Carroll marty@theusabilitycompany.com
US Austin Kerrie Green kgreen@hoovers.com
US Bay Area Bonny Brown BonnyB@Vividence.com
US Boston Diana Demarco ddemarco@mathworks.com
US Dallas/Ft. Worth Paul Sherman paul.j.sherman@att.net
US DC Metro Bill Killam bkillam@user-centereddesign.com
US Delaware Valley Kristy Knabe KKnabe@worldnet.att.net
US Minnesota Richard Sit richsit@us.ibm.com
The rapid expansion of chapters is exciting, but also requires changes to the organization, such as the definition of relevant policies. We are forging ahead with these changes, including a project a to develop a Members-Only section of the UPA website for chapter members and creating UPA SIGs (see Starting New SIGs).

Åsa Granlund

Starting SIGs
By Karen Gondoly

During the 2001 UPA conference, several people expressed an interest in starting Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the UPA community. Åsa Granlund, the Local Chapter and SIG Chair, and I would like to bring these SIGs to life!

SIGs will allow groups of UPA members to discuss specific topics, share technologies, build ideas, and network between conferences. They will put you in touch with other usability professionals across the world, and provide forums for continual streams of information on topics that are of specific interest to you and the other SIG members.

The concepts suggested for new SIGs included:

1) Design patterns
2) International issues
3) Usability issues in the transportation industries (Auto/Aero/Marine/etc.)
4) The user experience in digital environments
5) Student and faculty discussions

If you are interested in moderating a SIG for any of these (or other) topics, please contact me at kgondoly@mathworks.com.

Once a preliminary list of moderators is compiled, we can all work together to set some guidelines and get the SIGs rolling. Issues we will need to address before firing up our SIGs include:

1) Determining "Rules of Conduct"
2) Specifying who can join SIGs (Do they have to be UPA members, is there another fee, etc.)
3) Finding an appropriate forum for conducting SIG discussions
4) Setting up a place on the UPA web site to advertise SIGs

This is an exciting opportunity to start new and vital communities within UPA. So, please, consider starting a SIG!

Karen Gondoly