The UPA Usability Poster Meets Yet Another User Need


The UPA Usability Poster Meets Yet Another User Need
By Gia Rozells

As a management consultant specializing in managing and communicating changes within organizations, Kevin Keohane (former UK UPA President) never quite knows what to expect when he's on-site with a client. With overlapping requirements often ranging from face-to-face communication, knowledge management, culture change, and intranet development, every assignment is an interesting challenge.

Kevin happened to be making a usability presentation to a different department within a client's site when he was asked to join a second meeting with another department about creating "knowledge assets" (that is, non-technology based knowledge management tools).

"I tried to explain the concept of capturing a process and communicating it in a way that didn't make it look scary and flow-chartish," Kevin says. "I could tell that the rather technically focused people at the meeting weren't getting it. Then, my eyes caught the UPA 'Designing the User Experience Process' poster I had brought along for the other presentation."

Since the UPA poster does exactly that - depicts an involved process with different elements happening over time - Kevin was able to get his point across.

"I showed the poster to them and explained user-centered design and usability approaches as a process with clear activities that could be put in a traditional flowchart, but in this case was presented in a more fun and engaging way. They got it - we cleared the hurdle - and the project accelerated rapidly from then on!"

You can contact Kevin at:

Kevin Keohane, Practice Leader
Accredited Business Communicator
The Empowerment Group (TEG)
2 Thayer Street - London W1M 5LG

+44 (0)20 7467 3950 tel
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