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User Experience Magazine: Winter 2001


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Volume 1
Number 1

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  • What Business Are You In? The Importance of Strategic Usability

The strategic role of usability professionals in the "new economy" world.
By Jeffrey Rubin

  • CyberSmart Managers

The second technology revolution requires a new kind of manager. Unless business rewrites its managers' roles, the production is destined to flop.
By Charles Kreitzberg, Ph.D.

  • Designing for Children

A conversation with Alison Druin.
By Elisabeth D. Bowman

  • Usability's Changing Image

A Designer's Roadmap to User-Centered Activities. How the Common Industry Format can help you focus.
By Steve Fadden, Ph.D.

  • Products That Changed the World

The Better to See You With. How the Kodak camera changed our sense of the world.
By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

  • Web Experience: E-Commerce Smash-Mouth

Thanks to business on the Web, it's no more goody-two-shoes for usability!
By Michael Hughes, Ph.D.

  • Applied Research: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

Opportunities for collaboration.
By David Merwin, Ph.D.





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