Articles by Amanda Wright

Photo of AmandaAmanda is a user experience designer whose passion is online communities. She’s worked for companies such as Yahoo!, RMA Consulting and Investis. A keen sketchnoter, her illustrations have featured in a number of books and magazines. She lives in North London with her husband and young daughter. @yahnyinlondon



我们勇敢的sketchnoter探讨了与互联网相关的人和历史事件。 [阅读详情]

昨日世界 – 我们能从传统社会中学到些什么

Jared Diamond in a sketchnote

我们的速记员兴致勃勃地参加了多本畅销科普图书的作者 Jared Diamond的一场演讲会,并记录下自己对传统社会学到了什么。 [阅读详情]