Articles about China

The People’s Money Machines: Automatic Teller Machines in China

Chinese users perceive ATMs as convenient and modern. However, our research highlighted a pattern of behavior that did not match our expected use of ATMs. [Read More]

COMMUNICATION GAP: Designing an Interface for Chinese Migrant Workers

China has many possibilities when designing for emerging markets, for example, improving the quality of communication between migrant worker parents and their children. [Read More]

Usability Practice in China: An Update

Since the study of user experience is a source for technological innovation and building a human-centered society, we expect a bright future for usability in China. [Read More]

Usability Opportunities in China

China has advanced rapidly in the usability field. In several senses, China has opened up to the world, and opportunities are there for the global usability professional community. [Read More]

Usability Engineering in Hong Kong

Because usability is at its beginning stages in Hong Kong, there are great opportunities here to learn more about Eastern users and their needs. [Read More]

East Meets West (Issue 2.1)

Magazine cover

Global design, research-based guidelines, and automated usability testing. (Full text not available) [Read More]