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Resenha do livro: UX Professionals + Stakeholders (Profissionais de Experiência do Usuário + Stakeholders)

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É nossa pesquisa por Tomer Sharon [Leia mais]

Além do global: explorando a oportunidade de experiência do usuário regional


O desenvolvimento da experiência do usuário em Taiwan sugere uma maneira de defender as necessidades únicas de um contexto de negócios de uma região geográfica, enquanto ainda se aprende com a experiência global. [Leia mais]

(English) Getting Your Money Back: The ROI of remote unmoderated user research

(English) Remote, unmoderated, task-based, qualitative, quantitative user research does not replace other methods, but it adds value on it own merits [Leia mais]

(English) Visualizing Success: How user-centered design drives real business results

(English) End users build their expectations based on their whole lives, not just when they’re using your site. If you want real business results, you must design accordingly. [Leia mais]

(English) UX Increases Revenue: Two Case Studies

(English) WebIQ helps businesses prioritize web improvement efforts and then measures the impact using the results from online research to build and enhance prototypes that are tested in lab-based studies. [Leia mais]

(English) Usability ROI as a Strategic Tool

(English) When introducing user experience to an organization, approach it the way we approach design itself. Engage your users, assess impact, and iterate to improve the design. [Leia mais]