Conference Schedule for Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9
Full Day Tutorials, Experienced Practitioner I, Experienced Practitioner II, Special Events, Opening Reception, Posters
7:30am Breakfast
Workshop Make Yourself Heard! Selling User Experience in Your Organization Jodi Sherman, John Rhodes, Dan Szuc
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Workshop Tools of the trade Susan J. Wolfe, Ilana Kaplan
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Workshop Comparative Usability Task Measurement (CUE-8) Rolf Molich, Tom S. Tullis, Jurek Kirakowski, Jeff Sauro
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Tutorial Boot Camp: Preparing and Conducting Usability Tests Thyra Rauch, Carol J. Smith
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Tutorial Reducing Risk Through Human Centered Design Nigel Bevan
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Tutorial Card Sorting and Cluster Analysis for Information Architecture Carol Righi, Janice James
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Tutorial Understanding Users Through Fieldwork: An In-depth Primer Susan Dray, David A. Siegel, Ph.D.
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Tutorial Applied Design Principles for Rich Web Interactions Kate Walser, Marguerite N. Bergel, Ann Chadwick-Dias, Duane Degler
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10:00am AM Break
10:30am (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued)
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued)
3:00pm PM Break
3:30pm (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued) (continued)