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Wed May 26, 10:00am - 10:30am


Wed May 26, 3:10pm - 3:30pm


Thu May 27, 10:00am - 10:30am


Thu May 27, 3:10pm - 3:30pm



Design for kids of 1on1 learning model based on educational values
for General
1on1 learning model (every student has a personal device) has been widely considered as the trend for schools in near future. But what’s the right technology? We introduce the design principles based on results from comprehensive ethnographic and human factors studies in real classrooms across the world.

Xueming Lang, Mayank Sharma, Russell Beauregard

Design for social experience on mobile devices – lessons learnt from young migrants in China
for General
Our ethnographic studies indicate social practices play a critical role in the life of young migrants in China and mobile phones are extensively used to maintain and enhance their social connections. Based on the results, several design directions for mobile devices are discussed on how to bring greater social experience.

Xueming Lang, Suzanne Thomas, Elisa Oreglia

Evolution of FIDO as a Technique
for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
This poster describes how our organization creatively used the FIDO (Freehand Interactive Design Offline) technique in a large project. With minor adjustments, we altered the technique to analyze existing designs, improve stakeholder buy-in during the design process, and conduct competitive analysis.

Christina York

Feeling depressed in your agile project? Invite a usability expert!
for General
How can we include usability aspects in an agile development project? That was our main issue. We have tried to answer three questions. What is the stead of the usability expert in the project? How to organize his/her work? How to adapt his/her practices? We also present the results of our experimentation.

Lou Schwartz

Rule-Based Prototyping of User Interfaces
for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
Elaborate user interface guidelines are of crucial importance for the design of business software since in this area the production of high numbers of homogenous and consistent screens is required. The approach presented here demonstrates how guidelines can be efficiently integrated in software prototyping and development tools.

Theo Held, Hauk Tobias, Dietrich Mayer-Ullmann

Self-Organized Web Navigation System
for General
We develop a system to improve usability of Web-based applications by collecting usage data and suggesting next steps to the user. The system can be deployed on Web servers without Web application modification or tool installation on client PC. Web service provider can provide easy-to-use user support system easily.

Tomohiro Nakamura

Strategic objectives when budgets are tight
for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
The economic crisis has also hit user experience professionals working in large companies. We encourage user experience professionals to take this challenging situation as an opportunity. We propose three different strategic options to get the upper management more sensible to client needs.

Christoph Kunz, Jin Zwicky, Jakob Marti

The effects of preferred text formatting on performance and perceptual appeal
for General
Legal researchers were tested to see whether their preferred settings for reading documents online resulted in better perceived visual appeal and performance. Results showed that customized text formatting does not translate into improved reading performance, nor does it sustain its “preferred” status when compared to optimized alternatives.

Paul Doncaster

Understanding organizational cultures to improve UX of Business Support System (BSS)
for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
A complicated business firm has many functional organizations. In an IT age, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and other officers and managers use Business Support System (abbr. to BSS) to shorten time of product to market, business internal-operation, lead to cash and assure custom satisfaction by improving service qualities. But each organization has its own value orientation and motives that these are fundamentals of organizational culture. We will show our process for identifying the user groups, and how we used that information to create the new system, and different practices in every phase.

Dongyuan Li

Undreamed-of possibilities of MS Visio
for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
See what is possible: In our company an in-house developed Visio solution is used for designing user interface concepts. The Visio solution comprises shapes, templates and add-ons to visualize our concept ideas. By using Visio in this way, we generate high quality deliverables for user interface concepts – wireframes as well as click prototypes - in an efficient and effective way. Furthermore, the Visio solution contributes substantially to the implementation of our corporate design in all relevant artefacts.

Lisa Wenzel, Joachim Machate

User experience in Mexican on-line newspapers: a study based on inspections, user testing and eye-tracking
for General
The study evaluates 8 newspapers, all free-access online newspapers with national coverage. The study has generated great interest and is being used to improve the user experience of two of the newspapers evaluated.

Luis Aceves-Gutierrez, Marta del Rio