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Wed Jun 10, 12:00pm - 1:30pm



Can We Specify Usability Requirements in a Standard Way?
Methodology for General
Usability Requirements Standard (developed by NIST and usability professionals) defines usability requirements in three areas: Context of Use; Usability Measures; and Test Measures. Wouldn’t using a common format help us be more efficient? Can we apply it to internal development and vendor procurements? Is this UR holy grail?

Nicole J. Burton

Competitive User Research: Why, When, and How Should We Do It?
Methodology for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
In this era of tough economic decisions, organizations want quantitative data to make effective product planning decisions—and to show customers and investors how their products compare to the competition. User research that collects metrics provides valuable and compelling behavioral data and serves as a “reality check” to survey research.

Stephanie Rosenbaum

How do content strategy and user experience design intersect?
Discussion for General
One of the most overlooked (and unfunded) components of user experience design is content. Content strategy is finally coming into the limelight in 2009, and brands are differentiating with distinct voices and authentic personalities. How does content strategy fit in with user experience design as we’re defining it today?

Melissa Casburn

How does legacy software affect the way we approach usability and design?
Discussion for General
While there are various considerations of which to be mindful when designing legacy software, there seems to be minimal talk of how best to approach them. Our goal is to reveal some of these considerations and use them to provide heuristics for future design.

Shannon Graf

Is UI specification the rule book?
Discussion for Advanced Practitioners (AP)
We use the UI specification as a commitment to our clients and as the guide for developers. The design is signed off, leaving no room for the developers to make any ad-hoc changes. But what happen when there are unexpected technical constraints? We will discuss how to handle such discrepancies.

Janet Ho

The Forgotten Participants: How do we best engage usability test observers?
Discussion for General
We often focus on participants and moderating, but forget about observers. Are there methods– such as data logging, marking up screenshots, or affinity diagramming – that enable observers to stay engaged and contribute to the results of the study? Or is this just a distraction that weakens the usability specialist’s impact?

Donna P. Tedesco

What are the top usability best practices you teach to non-usability professionals?
Discussion for General
In my user experience career, and especially in my consulting practice, I am frequently asked to teach usability best practices to members of the teams with whom I work so team members can continue to enhance the usability of the product and can also make wiser strategic and tactical product usability decisions on behalf of their customers. Since usability best practices are as broad as they are deep, I’m very interested in gathering others’ expert opinions on which best practices to focus on teaching to non-usability professionals that will provide them with a solid baseline of knowledge that can be applied tactically.

Sarah Kling

Where Should a User Experience (UX) Team Be Located in the Organization?
Discussion for General
UX teams are relatively new in many companies, and where they should be located within the organizational structure is fiercely debated. People often assume that the best UX team location is based on their own industry experience. This issue needs additional feedback from the community.

Chris S. LaRoche

Will A/B testing make user research obsolete?
Discussion for General
As web companies increasingly turn to experiments ("A/B testing") to inform decisions about design alternatives, will the allure of rapid, statistically significant results render the discipline of user research obsolete? Join us for a discussion about the impact of experimentation on the usability professional (and vice versa!).

Beverly T. Freeman