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Usability Metrics 101 An Introduction on How to Collect, Analyze, and Present Usability Data

The goal of this course is to teach participants how to effectively use a wide variety of usability metrics as part of their everyday work. Participants will learn all the common usability metrics, as well as lesser known, but equally effective metrics. Participants will learn the strengths and limitations of each metric, when to use (and not use) each metric, and how to present usability data in a simple yet compelling way.

Tutorial by Bill Albert (Bentley University), Tom Tullis (Fidelity Investments )
Case Study
Usability Fundamentals (UF)
8:30am to 5:30pm on Monday, June 08, 2009

About the Tutorial

There are five specific goals for this course. Participants of this course will be able to:

• Develop a broad awareness and understanding of all the different ways to measure usability.

• Identify the most appropriate usability metrics to use for a wide variety of situations.

• Understand the strengths and limitations of each usability metric covered.

• Measure and analyze a wide variety of usability data.

• Present and report usability metrics in a clear and persuasive way.

Agenda: - Introduction to Usability Metrics - Some Basic Statistics - Performance Metrics - Self-Reported Metrics - Usability Issues - Combined & Comparative Metrics - Other Metrics