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Using Photodiaries to let customers tell their own stories

Learn how Photodiaries work and detailed steps on how to use them to gain a deeper understanding about your customers. By the end of the session, you’ll know how to structure and moderate a Photodiary project and understand how to analyze the data to get to rich insights.

Half Day Tutorial by Wendy Castleman (Intuit), Keren Solomon (Intuit)
6:30pm to 9:30pm on Monday, June 08, 2009

About the Half Day Tutorial

Prior to attending the tutorial, you can participate in a photo diary study to collect data for analysis in the session. This will give attendees the opportunity to experience being in a study first-hand.

The first part of the tutorial session itself is dedicated to building an understanding of what Photodiaries are and how they compare to other methods that the audience will be familiar with. Since we are focusing on a diverse audience, we want to ensure that we make comparisons to common research methods including usability studies, contextual inquiry, interviews, etc.

The next section will focus on specific case studies of Photodiary studies. We’ll pull in examples from multiple companies and educational institutions to illustrate the depth and breadth of data that can be collected, and show how this information is used to drive designs, business decisions, and other strategic initiatives.

Then, we will jump into the data itself. This is an entirely hands-on experience for the attendees. The room will be split into small working teams and will be given a packet of data. We’ll print out each of the individual entries from the photo diary study and allow the teams to immerse themselves in the data to identify trends, patterns, and other insights. After about 40 minutes, we’ll have the groups share their insights with the larger group, and we’ll start a discussion about pros and cons of different approaches to data analysis.

The next section will focus on logistics for how to plan, conduct and analyze a photo diary study. Attendees will be introduced to the specific tools that we’ve used for these types of studies, have detailed instruction about setting the tools up, creating “shot lists” and other materials, recruiting participants, launching an monitoring the study, and then analyzing the data.

Finally, we expect to have lots of questions, so we want to leave the last ½ hour to the Q&A. This will be open for the whole group and run as an intimate discussion. Our hope is that anyone who attends the session will be able to leave the training and immediately conduct their own photo diary study.