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Managing User Experience Teams in a Corporate Environment

Explore common management issues for corporate User Experience Teams with design and/or human factors team members with other managers. 3 topics will be pre-determined by participants and discussed in depth. Participant challenges will be selected and discussed. An online community for participants will seed discussion and continue post conference.

Workshop by S. Kirsten Gay (SAP), Gregory Urban (SAP)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
8:30am to 5:30pm on Monday, June 08, 2009
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About the Workshop

This workshop will allow managers of corporate User Experience teams (both human factors researchers and/or designers) to come together in a round table to discussions on best practices. The purpose of this workshop is three fold; review and generate best practices, problem solving tough issues, and creating a network supported by a new online community.

Participants in the workshop will come away with access to the results of the workshop survey, detailed understanding of best practices in three key topics germane to the discipline of managing user experience, solution approaches to three common challenges for this discipline, the opportunity to network with ‘birds of a feather’ face-to-face and going forward in an online community. In addition, the workshop facilitators will do a 30 minute presentation on how they co-manage a User Experience team in a very large business software company focusing on topics specific to user experience such as messaging & positioning, culture, operations and standardization.

Example topics: • organizational positioning • cross-boundary teamwork • balancing efficiency and innovation

Example Challenges: • How do I get my team involved in projects that are critical to my company’s bottom line? • How do I resolve differences in opinions between designers? • How much control do I want over the total user experience?

AGENDA -Participant Introductions -Overview of presenters User Experience team -Dicussion of Three Topics -Discussion of open challenges—group problem solving for tough topics -Wrap up and next steps

Position Paper

Should you choose to register for this session, you will need to complete a position paper. Workshops have limited attendence. In order to select attendees who can best contribute to the discussion, the session presenters will select attendees based on your position paper.

The template contains instructions for filling in the various areas. Provide information about what background and interests you have that are relevant to the session topic.

Save the form in Word or RTF format with a filename that has your last name followed by ”_position_paper”. For example, Smith_position_paper.rtf.

Position Paper:
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The due date for the Position Paper is May 4, 2009.

Please send your completed document to the session leader identified via email when you registered.

The session leader will notify you of your acceptance status to the workshop and then the registration office, will complete the registration process.

If you are not accepted, you will be able to register for a tutorial. For instance, if you registered during our Early Registration period but were not accepted to the workshop, you could register for any open Tutorial paying the Early Registration price.

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