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VUI, GUI, and MUI: Design Challenges in Multimodal Design for Mobile Devices

This course focuses on the design aspects that should be considered when creating a multimodal application, such as user modality preference, conflicting mental models, variable usage environments, and technology limitations. The session will explore the challenges even an experienced GUI or VUI designer faces when designing effective, user-friendly multimodal applications.

Half Day Tutorial by Catherine G. Zhu (Avaya, Inc.), Julie Underdahl (Convergys)
6:30pm to 9:30pm on Monday, June 08, 2009

About the Half Day Tutorial

The first portion of the tutorial will be dedicated to understanding the current state of the industry for multimodal application design for mobile devices. Here we will discuss uses of multimodal applications, advantages and disadvantages of these applications for mobile devices, technical challenges, as well as basic VUI and GUI principles that apply to multimodal design. The second portion of the course will be dedicated to multimodal-specific design challenges. Each topic will include a discussion of the issue followed by video highlight footage from usability testing demonstrating the issue. Throughout the course participants will be asked to create a prototype specification of a multimodal application. After each design challenge discussion, participants will be asked to create a portion of the application that applies to the challenge just discussed.