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When User Experience (UX) met Agile: A case study

In mid-2007, one part of the technology organization at our company decided to develop a very large project using scrum, an agile programming methodology. The decision to go with scrum was made from a software development perspective and how the user experience (UX) teams doing the design work would fit into that methodology was not clear. As a result, the UX teams faced many challenges and we have had to evolve our approach to how UX teams work with development scrum teams.

This case study details our UX teams’ experiences working with scrum for the past 18 months, describing the challenges and issues that we faced, and the solutions that we implemented to resolve those issues. We recommend best practices for UX teams working in scrum, particularly in a fast-paced and large corporate environment. We hope that others can avoid the common pitfalls that we faced in our initial adjustment to agile and scrum.

40 Minute Presentation by Kuldeep Kelkar (PayPal), Michael Budwig (PayPal), Soojin Jeong (PayPal)
Case Study
1:30pm to 2:10pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2009