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Developing Meaningful Experiences

Invited Speaker Nathan Shedroff (California College of the Arts)
Usability perspectives
3:30pm to 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Session Details

The world is awash in mentions of meaningful business and meaning in life but few have ever bothered to create a framework that enables people or organizations to specifically create meaning in their offerings, whether products, services, processes, or policy. As it turns out, meaning is the most significant and powerful element of an experience, requiring an expanded description of just what experiences are.

Nathan Shedroff will describe an expanded model of experience, including 6 dimensions, as well as a process to create more meaningful experiences. These core meanings offer a path to more integrated and deeper connections with customers of all types that are mutually beneficial and enlivening. Core meanings are universal and, as, such, can form the basis of both product/service strategy as well as organizational strategy, brand position, and company missions.

Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the ground-breaking MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, CA. This program melds the unique principles that design offers business strategy with a vision of the future of business as sustainable, meaningful, and truly innovative—as well as profitable.

He is one of the pioneers in Experience Design, an approach to design that encompasses multiple senses and requirements and explores common characteristics in all media that make experiences successful, as well as related fields, Interaction Design and Information Design. He maintains a website with resources on Experience Design at and frequently published books on the subject: