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Of frogs in wells and hearing your own accent

Things you need to know about global/virtual teaming but are too polite (or didn't know) to ask.

Global collaboration is an integral part of doing business. Yet, the user experience community remains resistant.

We seek to chip away at this resistance by bringing together industry leaders with extensive successful global teaming /diversity experience to explore the benefits and challenges of global virtual teams. Panelists will share concrete insights about and how to avoid the (retrospectively) predictable challenges in cultivating and managing massively global and multi-disciplinary teams. Along the way, we will answer (!) some of those questions that everyone wants to…, but is too polite to ask.

Panel (90 minute) by Kath Straub (, Robert Schumacher (UserCentric), Dean Barker (Sage Software), Louis Hoebel (Pervasive Decisioning Systems Lab), Samir Chabukswar (YUJ Designs), Steve Burgess (BSH Radio)
8:30am to 10:10am on Thursday, May 27, 2010