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Advanced Methods for Successful Usability Tests

Assess and improve your skills in key areas of usability testing: Creating test tasks, Facilitation, Writing recommendations and Communicating results

This tutorial provides unique insight into the four areas in usability testing that experience has shown cause the most problems in practice: creating test tasks, facilitation, writing recommendations and communicating test results. This course is based on real world data from more than 80 professional teams - not opinions.

Tutorial by Rolf Molich (DialogDesign)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
8:30am to 5:30pm on Monday, May 24, 2010

About the Tutorial

Would you like to fine-tune your usability testing skills? Would you like to write reports that have more impact on the design? Would you like to ensure you're working most efficiently, so you can get projects done quickly?

Most designers and usability professionals have learned how to conduct usability tests by reading books or by watching someone else prepare and conduct tests. But how do you know that the particular way you've learned to do usability testing is the best way? Many usability teams are struggling with this question and working to increase the effectiveness of usability testing projects.

In this course, an expert usability testing practitioner will share his research studying the most effective usability testing techniques. Since 1998, the practitioner has collected the methods, reports, and results of more than sixty professional usability teams and scoured through them, in search of the best practices. He’s found radical differences in the teams’ methods – some very effective and some dreadfully ineffective. He’s culled the best and the worst and packed them into four modules, along with his amazing insights into the best practices. Together, they provide unique insight into the four areas that experience has shown cause the most problems in practice in usability testing : - Creating good test tasks (90 minutes) - Facilitating tests (90 minutes) - Communicating test results (90 minutes) - Writing great recommendations (90 minutes).

Contrary to other courses on usability evaluations, this practitioner's courses are based on real world data from many professional teams - not on one person’s opinions.

If you're a usability professional who has conducted a number of tests, here is an opportunity to assess and improve your skills in the key areas of usability testing and facilitation, including planning and designing tests, identifying major usability problems, and writing reports. It’s the best tune-up you’ll ever get.