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East meets West and West meets East

Understand how we can work better together by learning from both the West and East in order to create more globally aware designs for a better future,

With historical dividing lines between the ‘East’ and the ‘West’ blurring for the first time, working globally is challenging every profession. Economies have always driven work patterns and new history is being created through: (1) Asia lifting the world out of recession instead of the USA which has never happened before (2) A need for the West to understand and adapt to the complexities of the East (3) Traditional perceptions in the West about the East, partly driven by the IT revolution, that the East is a doer community to be outsourced to rather than a thinker one and that UX is difficult to offshore (4) Design for emerging markets meaning first design in the West to later adapt for the East (5) Eastern designs not being up to global standards (6) Perceptions in the East about the West likewise that design is led from the West without awareness or regard for local thinking and a general unwillingness to give the time or a chance to incubate global work.

Presentation by Daniel Szuc (Apogee Usability Asia, Ltd.), Jhumkee Iyengar (Principal Consultant, User In Design )
2:40pm to 3:10pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010