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“Selling” UX By Aligning User Experience With Your Organization’s Goals

This session provides guidelines for aligning user experience efforts with business goals to “sell” UX more effectively.

When it comes to "selling" user experience (UX) processes, methods and techniques in our organizations, even experienced practitioners often don’t always know how to sell effectively. But selling UX isn’t just about “convincing” your business of the value of user experience…it’s about aligning your goals with the goals of the business. We advocate for taking a very basic approach, one that looks at business goals, aligns "our” usability work with "their" objectives, and demonstrates how usability tools, methods and techniques can help accomplish business goals.

90 Minute Presentation by Paul J. Sherman (ShermanUX), Daniel Szuc (Usability Consultant, Apogee Usability Asia, Ltd. )
3:30pm to 5:10pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010