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The future of the UX field and how leading UX organizations interact

An outlook to the future of our field. The panel is relevant for the entire UX field, the UPA membership and for all attendees of UPA 2010.

Usability, HCI, IAI, TC and UX professionals from around the world are currently participating in various UX communities, either as firm members, participants or volunteers. Since one of the many goals of the UX field is to broaden the awareness outside our field, close collaboration between the different organizations is highly needed and appreciated to move the entire field forward in these highly vibrant and exciting times.

Panelists for this session:

Silvia C. Zimmermann, UPA President, Victoria Koster, STC Steve Baty, UX Book Club, Meld Consulting Will Evans, Information Architecture Institute Janna DeVylder, IxDA President, SCAD Elizabeth Churchill, VP ACM SIGCHI, Yahoo!

Panel (90 minute) by Silvia C. Zimmermann (Inst fur Software-Ergonomie und Usability), Elizabeth Churchill (SIGCHI Vice President, Yahoo!), Janna DeVylder (IxDA President, SCAD), Will Evans (Information Architecture Institute), Steve Baty (UX Book Club, Meld Consulting), Victoria Koster (STC)
3:30pm to 5:00pm on Thursday, May 27, 2010