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Innovation Games: Creative Customer & User Research for Quick Results

Hands-on training and discussion for researchers to engage customers and users to create innovative products

This tutorial introduces experienced user researchers and newcomers to a set of playful techniques – Innovation Games® - to elicit authentic responses to product concepts and prototypes from customers and users, using demonstrations, discussions and a bit of lecture, while having fun all day. The methods fit an agile development environment.

Tutorial by Nancy Frishberg (MSB)
8:30am to 5:30pm on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About the Tutorial

This tutorial introduces participants to the dozen games covered in the book by Luke Hohmann, Innovation Games. Innovation Games are part of the category of games often called “serious games” or “design games”, which can be played within a team, though this tutorial will emphasize their use in gathering customer and user responses to product concepts, features and requirements. The Games also help product teams understand contexts of use (including current environments, and usage patterns in temporal contexts).

Our day will be spent largely in play! We practice engagement with the games through actual play, which will allow us to surface issues that come up in customer contexts as well. We will provide details about specific game mechanisms, recruiting and training of observers (from the client team), and adapting the games to new cultural settings. The comparison with traditional focus groups cannot be avoided. Insertion of the games into agile development practices will be addressed as well.