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Is Eyetracking worth it?

How clients think about the costs and benefits of eyetracking

User research practitioners are sometimes asked for proof that the additional costs and effort associated with eyetracking will result in insights and improvements that are not achievable via simpler methods.

Based on work with well-known USA & international brands (PBS, NASCAR, Timberland, and the NFL), we will share eyetracking data from client-funded studies conducted within the real-world timelines and budget constraints typical of the interactive design consulting marketplace. Examples of eyetracking deliverables such as gaze replay, gazeplots, and aggregate heatmaps will be analyzed in the context of what clients find valuable and actionable, as well as what they question. Methodology impacts, such as the opportunity to forego the think-aloud and reliance on “de-briefs” will be assessed. Finally, we will discuss approaches to managing the complexity of doing ET in the field (on location at a NASCAR race, and inside a shopping mall), as well as our summary of ET’s overall costs and benefits.

Presentation by Michael Summers (TrueAction), Elizabeth Zietlow (True Action)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
2:05pm to 2:35pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010