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Demystifying and Critiquing Quantitative Research

Tutorial for people who want to learn how to critique quantitative user research, or want to improve the practice of quantitative research in industry

Quantitative methods can give an aura of truth to flawed or subjective analyses and conclusions, but people are often too intimidated to question them. This tutorial will enable qualitative researchers to critique quantitative methods common in user research. Regardless of your background in statistics, you may come away understanding more about quant methods and their limitations than the quants!

Tutorial by David A. Siegel (Dray & Associates, Inc.)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
8:30am to 5:30pm on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About the Tutorial

Participants in this tutorial will learn: • Why quantitative research is often “owned” by people with a shallow quantitative background
• How fear of math leads to giving too much authority to numbers, and how to overcome this fear
• Why a focus on statistical significance and large sample size can make quantitative research less robust as a basis for decision-making
• To identify common flaws and fallacies in the practice of quantitative research in industry
• To recognize how quantitative research conceals and is shaped by subjective and often unacknowledged judgments of the researcher
• How to create more empowered and constructive collaboration between quantitative and qualitative research