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Global Sustainability: Fit or Misfit for HCI?

What is HCI’s potential contribution to global sustainability?

Invited Speaker Daniel Rosenberg (SAP Corporation)
8:30am to 10:10am on Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Today, one of the most prevalent themes related to “Design in the Real World” is global sustainability. Sustainability can be approached at both a personal and a professional level. At the personal level it involves the consumption choices we make on a daily basis. However, it is at the professional level where the greater opportunity have a significant impact can be found.

What is HCI’s potential contribution to global sustainability? This talk will first provide an overall framework for understanding the policy and economic variables related to engineering products and systems for sustainability. Then within this framework it will explore several issues facing the HCI community regarding it’s maturity of practice as we endeavor to participate in this area. Several “state of the art” industrial sustainability solutions with a strong focus on usability will be included as a case study to help shape the discussion. Finally, specific suggestions will be presented (to be debated by the audience) illustrating how HCI methods can increase the probability of success in meeting this critical design challenge.

Daniel Rosenberg is a Senior Vice President at SAP, the largest Enterprise Applications Software company in the world. In this capacity he directs user experience design and usability activities across all SAP product lines. His team is also responsible for UCD methodology definition, corporate UI standards. Prior to joining SAP he was Vice President of R&D for UI Design at Oracle Corporation. Previous corporate positions include the role of User Interface Architect for Borland International and Ashton-Tate. While at Borland, he designed the first Windows GUI for Borland C++, as well as many other early innovative product user interfaces for personal computers.

He has authored or co-authored many well known publications in the HCI field, including "Human Factors in Product Design" (Elsevier 1991), as well as chapters in the original "Handbook of Human Computer Interaction" (Elsevier 1988), "Coordinating User Interfaces for Consistency" (Academic Press 1989) and "Usability in Practice" (Academic Press 1994). He is also one of the founding editors of ACM's NetWorker magazine, a publication that focuses on how the Internet has changed the nature of work.