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Dealing with Difference

Thu PM Invited Speaker

How do we bridge the gap between Hightech and people’s skills to interact with technologies? How do we encounter the diversity of people’s lives when addressing them as users of tomorrow’s products and services? Growing diversification and the conditions of heterogenic urban societies lead to difficulties regarding the means of social integration by communication technologies. However a better understanding of diversity can offer a high potential for the better understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s life.

In this presentation Tom Bieling and Stefan Göllner will introduce the work of Design Research Lab and share with you insights, findings and experiences from their latest design research projects: “StreetLab”, a participatory design project with young people from Berlin Neukölln, focused on the question of how to employ Information-Communication Technology to facilitate creativity understanding and social/environmental sustainability. The second project, “Networked Neighbourhood” explores sharing and communication practices in urban neighbourhoods while considering the situation of elderly people.

Invited Speaker Tom Bieling (Deutshce Telekom Laboratories), Stefan Gollner ( Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)
1:30pm to 3:00pm on Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Dipl.-Des. (FH) Tom Bieling, born in 1979, studied Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne (Germany) and Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba (Brasil). In his work he focuses on cultural practices especially by means of (body-) language, signs, social dynamics, as well as perception of image and behaviour of reading. Furthermore he has been researching about the impact and relevance of demographic and socio-cultural categories on form and practice of design (process), as well as its effects on usage and practical use of design within these categories.

Tom works as a PhD candidate at the Design Research Lab of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin/Germany. He is founding member of the Design Research Network and active member of the DGTF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und -forschung; German Society for Design Theory and Research).