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Change, Impact & Optimism

Closing Speaker for UPA 2010

An open-ended journey to illustrate how design has been moving from shaping the things around us to shaping the behaviors and societies we live in.

We have learned by involving people in our processes, we have enriched our craft and engaged the inherent desire in people to design their own worlds. We have had to re-conceive our role as designers of stuff and experiences, into one of to ultimately empowering people by enabling them to create.

Products > Experiences > Behaviors & Interactions > Social Impact > ?

The presentation will illustrate how the design practice has been (and still is) moving into a very challenging, yet exciting, space.

Invited Speaker Dario Buzzini (Design Director, IDEO GmbH), Ferdi van Heerden (Business Design, IDEO GmbH)
10:30am to 12:00pm on Friday, May 28, 2010