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Internationalisierungsstrategie für die Website der Fissler GmbH

How to Sell Woks in Austria and Cutlery in Japan: Internationalization of Fissler’s Website

How easy is it to create international versions of a website that deals with cooking topics and products? Fissler GmbH, a German manufacturer of kitchen accessories, has had to answer this question. A simple translation does not work. Regional preferences and table culture differ to much from country to country. We demonstrate a rollout project plan that uses ressources as effective as possible: No UX designer, less than 2 man-days project management and going live after 6 weeks. Learn more about project steps, documents we use, critical factors for success and problems we solved during 7 rollouts from Japan to Austria.

Presentation by Anna Brocke, Sebastian Hofmann
10:30am to 11:00am on Wednesday, May 26, 2010