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Ein Interaktionsvokabular: Dimensionen zur Beschreibung der Ästhetik von Interaktion

The Interaction Vocabulary: Dimensions of Aesthetic Interaction

New technologies generate new concepts of interaction. For example, dialing a telephone number can be performed via the old-fashioned dial plate, the classical keypad, and recently, also touch displays are widely used. Moreover, voice and gestural control offer further possibilities. But which of these different interaction styles is the best? And which are the differences between them? We suggest a set of dimensions which can be used to describe and differentiate different interaction styles. Our interaction vocabulary forms a valuable tool for usability professionals for design and evaluation. Besides the development of the vocabulary, we report two validation studies.

Presentation by Sarah Diefenbach, Marc Hassenzahl , Kerstin Kloeckner , Claudia Nass , Andreas Maier
1:30pm to 2:00pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010