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UX als Chance für Mixed Reality – Konzepte der Spieleindustrie in der digitalen Fabrikplanung

UX as opportunity for Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality applications, which enable real environments to be enriched with digital 3D information, have a reputation of not being user-friendly. That may not be true for simple systems, but it still applies to more sophisticated domains like digital produc-tion planning. Methods from the field of User Centered Design (UCD) are barely con-sidered. Initially, this priorization can be found with the Daimler-created application "VEO" as well. But based on user feedback, the developers started an UCD process with the goal to maximize User Experience. During that process, aspects from the gaming and consumer electronics industries were given particular attention as some were tested and implemented.

Presentation by Karl-Josef Wack, Henning Brau , Fabian Scheer
1:30pm to 2:00pm on Thursday, May 27, 2010